Advisory Team Advisory Team

2019 A-Team

GiVE 365 is managed by an Advisory Team (or A-Team), members who are passionate and excited about being involved and helping GiVE 365 be as great as possible. Team members work in tandem with Community Foundation of Greater Memphis staff.

(Back, left to right) Kerri Campbell, Grace Korzekwa, Dan Wortham, Nathan Tipton, Emmanuel Spence; (front) Sonya Fleck, B
rooke Ward Mills, Jen Larkin, Bevan Lee, and Susanne Landau; (not pictured) Anna Mullins Ellis (Chair) and Alex Willis.

DSC 6960 2019 ATeam

While the Community Foundation maintains fiscal oversight of the program, the A-Team provides staff with direction and guidance in relation to the ongoing programmatic needs and growth of GiVE 365 and advocates on behalf of the GiVE 365 membership. 

The A-Team consists of between eight and 15 members who are elected by the GiVE 365 membership once a year, with a Chair nominated by Community Foundation staff. New A-Team members are either self-nominated or nominated by other members. Learn more.