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Pathways to Success

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For 2019, GiVE 365 members chose to focus on the theme Pathways to Success: programs that provide workforce training and career development. Members voted to award a total of $63,400 to support eight organizations doing work around this theme in Memphis. Over the remainder of the year, members had the opportunity to dive deeper into the theme through engagements with grantees and other educational opportunities like the August 2019 Workforce Now, Workforce Next panel conversation. Click below to learn about this year’s grants.

Visit to learn more about Economy & Jobs in the Mid-South and the organizations—including the following grantees—working to support and build a skilled, adequately compensated workforce.

Advance Memphis

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WorkKeys Training » $5,000

Advance Memphis supports South Memphis adults on the path to economic stability.  WorkKeys training (a national career training curriculum) develops those already working through Advance Memphis Staffing by equipping them with WorkKeys operator skills. This rolling class enhances the graduates' marketability, moving them closer to full-time employment.  

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ARK Farms

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Youth Empowerment Internship » $8,000

Teens in Memphis-area communities develop workforce skills and practical work experience in a farm setting, motivated by the restoration of rescued animals. Through projects they design and build, interns gain skills, confidence, work ethic, and connection with people from diverse backgrounds. After completing the summer training, they are offered paid positions on the farm. 

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Artesian Schools

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Southwest Early College High School Workforce Opportunities Program » $10,000

Southwest Early College High's students can earn an associate degree in IT, Business, or Allied Health. The school recognizes that academics alone do not adequately prepare students for success in the workplace. In 2019-20, with its first class of 11th graders, the school will launch a workforce exposure and readiness program. 

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Give 365 CodeCrew 5x5

Code School » $10,000

Code School is a hands-on class designed to train individuals to be entry-level software developers with a six-month course. The minimum education requirement is a high school diploma or GED. Students work in a small classroom setting and use real-world technologies to learn the fundamentals of coding and app development, in addition to the leadership and life skills needed for a successful career and job market competitiveness. 

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Hope House

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Self-Sufficiency Support Group $5,800

This weekly class for Memphis adults affected by HIV and poverty is facilitated by Hope House staff and covers finding employment, barriers to obtaining employment, self-esteem, and budgeting. 

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Give 365 HopeWorks 5x5

ersonal & Career Development Program » $10,000

HopeWorks provides job training and assistance with job placement to improve the lives of vulnerable and incarcerated Memphians. The program teaches life skills, workforce readiness, computer basics, and money management; assists with job searches; arranges internships; and provides personalized case management for each participant. 

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Indie Memphis

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Youth Film Program » $7,500

As part of its mission to create community and support the development of filmmakers of all genders, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds, the Indie Memphis Youth Film Program provides 7th to 12th grade students year-round support. Career development is accessed through workshops, mentoring, and apprenticeship all at no cost, culminating in student short film premieres at the annual Youth Film Fest on September 7, 2019. 

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Su Casa Family Ministries

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English as a Second Language Classroom Upgrades » $7,100

English as a Second Language classes at Su Casa are unlocking the economic potential of the largely undercounted, underserved, and often unseen Latino immigrant community of Memphis. Language and cultural barriers often trap the immigrant community in limited job opportunities and stunted career development, but through language access and relational capital, they can advance to better jobs, start small businesses, and better advocate for their families. Check out before and after photos of the renovations here.

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