Members visit grantee to learn about youth-led social change

February 5th, 2018

One of the best things about GiVE 365 is that you can learn about social issues and community-based efforts addressing them, and have a lot of fun with like-minded members while doing it.

In January, members gathered at BRIDGES for an in-depth look (presented by BRIDGES facilitator Evan Morrison, right) at the progress of our $5,000 grant for its Incarcerated Youth Speaking Out for Change program.

This program empowers jailed youth being tried as adults to share their stories and experiential insights. In doing so, the program aims to help other youth avoid a path that will end in incarceration and to allow incarcerated youth to be thought leaders on ways to prevent youth recidivism in the criminal justice system. 

GiVE 365 members heard about the conflict resolution, training for social action, and mentorship programs in which 29 incarcerated youth at both 201 Poplar and Jail East are involved through the help of BRIDGES. To learn more, see BRIDGES’ latest progress report and visit the blog to read personal narratives from the participants. 

After hearing the grant update, members took on the BRIDGES climbing wall, the indoor rock face the organization uses for leadership development and team building.

Make sure to join us at our next grantee engagement event on Thursday, February 15, at A Step Ahead Foundation. 

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