Friends and philanthropy are the recipe for giving back for Howell Evans

March 29th, 2018

“Memphians tend to all feel like, ‘We can do this thing together.’” That is how A-Team member Howell Evans describes our city with pride. And he is glad that optimistic collaboration characterizes how GiVE 365 works, too.

A software developer at FedEx, Howell is, as he says, “from all over Tennessee.” He was born in Nashville, moved to Memphis with his family, and attended college in Knoxville. After graduation, he returned to the Bluff City, where he lives with his wife, Grace Korzekwa (with Howell, right), and their dog and cat.

In addition to his professional life writing applications that help pilots safely do their jobs, he is a talented home cook, a lover of obscure rock ‘n' roll, and an avid cyclist. On weekends you will often find him biking Shelby Forest with friends or cycling across the Mississippi on the Big River Crossing.

(Photo by Nathan W. Berry)

Howell and Grace joined GiVE 365 in 2012, and were immediately struck by how many friends were already part of the program. Why have they stuck around for six years? “I get to learn about so many new nonprofits through things like grant review,” Howell says. “Being able to do something to help the city that we want to be in does wonders for us. We want to be associated with good people and good things. It makes us feel good.”

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