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Missed the Finals live? Experience this fast-paced and fun evening to hear grant finalists present their proposals with the theme Equity Through Access: projects/programs that increase access and/or elevate the quality of life for communities of color. Watch the virtual event below.




This year, 15 finalists presented their proposals. Grant requests total  $125,464, and our membership has $63,300 to award. Not a member yet? Join here and your vote will be counted, too!

Before casting your vote by the April 26 deadline, we encourage all members to take a closer look at these efforts working to address Equity Through Access. Click the plus signs at right to see information about each proposed project, read the full grant applications, and visit the finalists' profiles that include their mission, financials, programs, and more.




Domestic Violence Equity for Survivors Through Access to Services (DV ESTAS) » $5,000 request

CasaLuz, a victim service agency, supports Hispanic crime victims who have suffered domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, stalking, and harassment, and related crimes. CasaLuz empowers survivors to bring their perpetrators to justice while seeking safety, independence, and healing from traumatic violence through provision of services grounded in consideration of a person's culture, especially important in times of vulnerability.

Watch CasaLuz's pitch video

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CHOICES: Memphis Center for Reproductive Health


Increasing Midwifery Access in Memphis » $10,000 request

CHOICES provides patient-centered medical care and champions sexual and reproductive rights.  It seeks to provide group education sessions for its birthing patients. The purpose of these sessions is to instill trust in patients' bodies, ensure they are prepared for the birth process, and empower them to navigate the healthcare system and take control of their future health care needs.

Watch CHOICES' pitch video

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$10,000 request

CodeCrew educates and mentors those most underrepresented in tech, to be tech leaders and innovators through practical hands-on computer science education. CodeED, CodeCrew's K-12 Computer Science (CS) programs, include in-school, afterschool, summer programs, exposure events, teacher professional development, and policy and advocacy. CodeED is where CodeCrew achieves its largest daily impact, providing instruction to approximately 400 students daily, training teachers in CS (which multiplies our indirect impact), and leading the charge for K-12 state legislation, cementing CodeCrew's impact on nearly one million students in Tennessee.

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Community Legal Center


Helping Low-Income Divorcing Parents » $12,024 request

The Community Legal Center resolves legal problems, impacts the community, and changes lives for the better. Its mission is to provide civil legal services to those with limited means and those at risk. This comes from the conviction that regardless of one's circumstances in life, each person deserves the opportunity to seek justice. 

Many lower income people seeking a divorce cannot afford filing fees, let alone a private attorney. CLC's Pro Se Divorce Clinic helps parents, who are mostly Black and female, prepare divorce pleadings and child support/visitation paperwork, and gives them guidance to help navigate the court system. With this grant, it can open the Clinic three days instead of two days a week, and help more underserved Black mothers get divorces and child support, improving the lives of their children.

Watch Community Legal Center's pitch video

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Creative Aging


Enriching Seniors' Lives Through the Arts » $7,000

Creative Aging's programs utilize arts engagement to enhance seniors' health and well-being, improve cognitive vitality, and reduce isolation by building a sense of joy, connection and inclusion within diverse senior communities located throughout Memphis and Shelby County. 

Creative Aging will enrich the quality of life of participants at Alzheimers & Dementia Services of Memphis (ADS) (2 adult  day care centers) through arts and music engagement. 83% of ADS participants are persons of color, 97% are over 65, all are disabled. Most live in poverty. While Creative Aging now provides ADS with 12 events/year, ADS lacks funding to support regular art/music engagement. Grant funding would increase high-quality, enriching arts activities from 12 to 48 events/year.

Watch Creative Aging's pitch video

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Crosstown Arts


Musician and Artist Services Program » $4,640

Crosstown Arts is a nonprofit contemporary arts organization dedicated to further cultivating the creative community in Memphis.

Crosstown Arts' Crosstown Youth Theater Company (CYTC) supplements the education of children who attend schools that lack funding for arts programs. Members learn about every aspect of theater, and create and perform stories that reflect their own lives and experiences. Crosstown Arts requests funding for iPads and keyboards so that CYTC members can collaborate more effectively and expand their creative agency both during the pandemic and in the future.

Watch Crosstown Arts' pitch video

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Hope House


MAI (Minority AIDS Initiative) Program » $10,000 request

Hope House provides early childhood education and social services to help improve the quality of life for individuals and families affected by HIV and poverty.

Hope House's Ryan White MAI services help to improve access to medical care for people of color who are living with HIV. Access to quality medical care can not only improve the quality of life for someone living with HIV but also help stop the spread of the virus in our community. Hope House is requesting funds to help improve these services for the HIV community in Memphis.

Watch Hope House's pitch video

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Indie Memphis


Black Creators Forum » $7,500

Indie Memphis seeks to create community through independent film and support the development of filmmakers. 

The Black Creators Forum aims to ease the barrier of entry for Black artists to work in film. The Forum features a two-day symposium of workshops and panels during the Indie Memphis Film Festival, a screenwriting residency, filmmakers grants, and year-round meet-ups.

Watch Indie Memphis's pitch video

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Just City


Equity Through Access » $14,300

Just City exists to transform local criminal justice policy and practice to ensure it is fair for all people regardless of wealth, race, or ethnicity.

COVID-19 suspended the Clean Slate Fund's traditional community outreach. This project seeks to target non-internet users, therefore, increasing community knowledge of the Clean Slate Fund and criminal record expungement access. The criminal legal system disproportionately impacts Black people struggling against multi-generational poverty and second-class citizenship. Access to employment and economic opportunities is a core issue, especially when possessing a criminal record.

Watch Just City's pitch video

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Landmark Training Development Company


Landmark Farmers Market » $5,000

Landmark Training Development Company's mission is to create sustainable agricultural environments in food desert communities.

Landmark Food Pantry distributes food to those who have difficulty purchasing enough food to avoid hunger. Open 5 days per week since 2011, it is a "client choice" pantry which means clients pick their food items, bag them, and are welcome to shop once per week.

Watch Landmark Training Development Company's pitch video

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Man Up Teacher Fellowship


Building Up Memphis: One Teacher at a Time » $10,000

Man Up Teacher Fellowship gives students in high poverty, urban, and rural communities—particularly male students of color—access to high-quality male teachers of color; advances policies that promote equity in K-12 schools; and supports aspiring teachers.  

Through Praxis Academy, MUTF will equip aspiring teachers with the tools needed to study for, and pass their Praxis exams so they can become licensed, qualified teachers. Praxis Academy applications are open to all aspiring teachers who need to be equipped with the tools to pass the Praxis exams. Licensed, qualified teachers provide a higher educational yield for our students, particularly important after the COVID-19 pandemic's devastating effect on our children's educational attainment.

Watch Man Up Teacher Fellowship's *pitch video

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Memphis Challenge


Decoding Professional Cues & Messages » $5,000

Memphis Challenge inspires and develops future Memphis leaders, by decoding insider messages and business culture for the development of young black and brown professionals.

Decoding Professional Cues and Messages (DPCM) is an innovative, ethnocentrically-inspired program, targeting persons of color, and Memphis alums, in entry-level and early career professions. The program aims to augment their academic preparation and professional acumen, with essential information and skills (e.g., "insider information," decoding the rules) needed to increase equity and access within their professions. Webinars and networking opportunities will be used to shine a light.

Watch Memphis Challenge's pitch video

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Memphis Library Foundation


English Classes in Public Parks and Other Community Spaces » $5,000

The Memphis Library Foundation harnesses the power of private support to ensure that the Memphis Public Libraries offers world-class facilities, programs, and collections to meet the needs of everyone in our diverse community, regardless of their circumstances.

This project will partner with Literacy Mid-South (LMS) to offer ESL classes for adults 18+ in public spaces like parks and community centers. By offering ESL classes beyond the library walls, this project will overcome transportation and cultural barriers and allow Memphis Public Libraries (MPL) staff to sign up participants for library cards and connect them with other valuable programming for their entire household.

Watch Memphis Library Foundation's pitch video

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PURE Youth Athletics Alliance


$10,000 request

PURE is a nonprofit, private boarding school that empowers underprivileged school-aged through academics, mentoring and athletics.

PURE's program provides a safe and nurturing environment for male students. It operate an accredited education program and host tutoring programs that help youth enhance basic academic skills. The organization knows education and poverty are linked, and wants to give its students the resources they need to defeat generational poverty.

Watch PURE Youth's pitch video

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SchoolSeed Foundation


Empowering Equity through Literacy » $10,000

SchoolSeed secures and managse private resources for the benefit of public education and coordinates community efforts that accelerate student achievement.  

This project will extend and deepen SchoolSeed's Equity Speaker Series by introducing Memphis to the work of Gholdy Muhammad, whose guide Cultivating Genius will be the focus of extended professional development in one high-need school, culminating in a community-wide event featuring Dr. Muhammad.  Hawkins Mill Elementary was selected for focus because data show North Memphis as the area with the greatest inequity; the third grade literacy focus supports Tennessee's equity plan for education.

Watch SchoolSeed Foundation's pitch video

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