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GiVEr Spotlight: Serrie Fung

Plugging Into Memphis


“Any time I hear of something interesting, I put up my hand and say, ‘Yeah, let’s do it!’”

That is a sentiment representative of the roll-up-your-sleeves spirit with which Serrie Fung has approached life in her new home, Memphis. A native of Hong Kong, she moved to the Memphis area in February 2019 to be with her now-husband Jerry Cantu (pictured, right), who works in marketing at ALSAC.

Anticipating her move, Serrie and Jerry joined GiVE 365 in late 2018 to get better connected to the city. “I love the idea that, for a dollar a day, you can have an impact joining forces with others in the community."


“It’s been great to go to events or join grant review. Interacting with people, finding out what causes they’re passionate about and how they've stayed involved with organizations past the grant—that’s really inspiring," says Serrie (pictured, left, with fellow GiVEr Renee Wills).

Memphis has proven to be a welcoming place to build her personal and professional networks, with new friends and colleagues quick to make introductions or set her up with new opportunities. Currently a marketing and communications consultant for mainly Hong Kong nonprofits, Serrie is already plugging into our own nonprofit community. In addition to her service on a GiVE 365 grant review team, she is involved with Gateways for Growth, an initiative to facilitate local immigrant integration and inclusion in communities across the U.S.


“I had no concept of Memphis before moving here. And coming here, one of the things I kept hearing again and again is Memphis is in a unique time, with momentum building. I have seen that,” she says. “There are always new initiatives in the arts or the nonprofit sector, and with new buildings and construction. It’s a really exciting time to be here. I’m eager to get involved because I want to be part of that energy, that growth.”