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2023 Grant Reviewers


(Apr 4, 2023) GiVE 365 members are given the opportunity to further engage in the annual grantmaking process by reviewing applications with a team and making thoughtful and objective recommendations for grant finalists. THANK YOU to the 13 members who volunteered to serve on grant review teams in 2023. 

Our awesome teams dedicated hours to review, research, and meet to recommend 13 nonprofit finalists they thought reimagined resident participation and leadership in Memphis neighborhoods. 

Volunteer grant reviewers were: Julia Alspaugh, Kerri Campbell, Michelle Campbell, Tina Steelman Duckels, Helen Fentress, Frank Guarino, Whitney Jo, Peter Kauffmann, Patrick Maloney, Natasha Mayton, Laretha Sargent, Paul Shifflet, and Mackenzie VanAusdall.