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2021 Grant Reviewers


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(May 4, 2021) GiVE 365 members are given the opportunity to further engage in the annual grantmaking process by reviewing applications with a team and making thoughtful and objective recommendations for grant finalists. THANK YOU to the 37 members who volunteered to serve on grant review teams in 2021. 

In another virtual year, our awesome teams dedicated hours to review, research, and meet virtually to recommend 15 nonprofit finalists they thought really have what it takes to increase access and/or elevate the quality of life for communities of color. 

Volunteer grant reviewers were:

Samantha Albert
Julia Alspaugh
Barbara Blum
Neva Bowers
Dan Bureau
Kerri Campbell
Ravi Chauhan
Eli Cloud
James Drummond
Sonya Fleck
Serrie Fung
Frank Guarino
Kim Halyak
Ashley Harper
Linda Hendershot
Alex Holtel
Charlene Honeycutt
Whitney Jo
Dorothy Johnson
Peter Kauffmann
Casey King
Susanne Landau
Natasha Mayton
Jennifer McGrath
Alex Middleton
Suzie Moskal
Ben Nemenoff
Sarah Newman
Jean Phebus
Anne Pitts
Veena Rangaswami
Bill Rehberg
Anna Ritz
Pooja Shah
Emmanuel Spence
Nathan Tipton
Joe Woodard