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Creating Connections Creating Connections

Plugging Into Memphis: Serrie Fung

New to Memphis, member Serrie Fung sought out GiVE 365 as a way to dive into the Memphis scene and meet other community-minded individuals.

Stronger Together: Books from Birth & Porter-Leath

Shelby County Books from Birth partnered for the first time with Porter-Leath as part of the 2014 GiVE 365 grant round, "Collaboration for Change." The nonprofits realized that together, they could do more to get books in the hands of children, and the two agencies formally merged in 2017.

Part of the Solution: Teresa Leary Handy

A longtime GiVEr, Teresa Leary Handy sees GiVE 365 as part of a family tradition in giving back, and engages with her children and grantees to help build a stronger community—including helping 2019 grantee ARK Farms with a small gift that makes a big impact for the grassroots organization.

Artistic Fuel: Indie Memphis Youth Film Fest

Indie Memphis received a grant to launch its Youth Film Fest in GiVE 365's 2016 grant round, "Memphis 2020: programs that will have a tangible impact on Memphis in the next five years." This year, it is again a grantee, and continues to grow as a vibrant program that offers hands-on filmmaking opportunities, mentorship, and creative career development.

Just last year:

89% of members feel they are making a difference in the community and connecting to the city through give 365

47% reported contributing financially to an organization they discovered through GiVE 365 and 18% have volunteered time to grantees

In our 12-year history, we have granted $ 756,492

Supported82distinct nonprofits

Grown the GiVE 365 Endowment $773,934