Advisory Team

GiVE 365 is managed by a member-driven Advisory Team (A-Team for short) that works in tandem with the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis staff. The A-Team provides staff with direction and guidance in relation to the ongoing programmatic needs and growth of GiVE 365 and advocates on behalf of the GiVE 365 membership, but the Community Foundation maintains fiscal oversight of the program. 

The A-Team, consisting of between eight and fifteen members, is elected by the GiVE 365 membership once a year, with a Chair nominated by Community Foundation staff. New A-Team members are either self-nominated or nominated by other members. An Advisory Team job description can be found here.

2018 Advisory Team

Anna Mullins, Chair
Bevan Lee
Howell Evans
Jen Larkin
Marvin Stockwell
Megan Murdock
Michelle Nixon
Molly Wexler
Nathan Tipton
Renelda Riffe
Shawna Engel
Sonya Fleck
Sue Guarino