Advisory Team

GiVE 365 is managed by a member-driven Advisory Team (or A-Team) that works in tandem with the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis staff. While the Community Foundation maintains fiscal oversight of the program, the A-Team provides staff with direction and guidance in relation to the ongoing programmatic needs and growth of GiVE 365 and advocates on behalf of the GiVE 365 membership. 

The A-Team consists of between eight and fifteen members who are elected by the GiVE 365 membership once a year, with a Chair nominated by Community Foundation staff. New A-Team members are either self-nominated or nominated by other members. An Advisory Team job description can be found here.

2019 A-Team

(Pictured, from left to right) Kerri Campbell, Grace Korzekwa, Dan Wortham, Nathan Tipton, Emmanuel Spence; (front) Sonya Fleck, Brooke Mills, Jen Larkin, Bevan Lee, and Susanne Landau; (not pictured) Anna Mullins, Chair, Michelle Nixon, and Alex Willis.