Grant themes

Grantmaking for Memphis, by Memphians

Each year, GiVE 365 chooses a theme to guide its grantmaking. In October, anyone is welcome to submit grant theme ideas for consideration. Throughout November, members vote to select a grant theme, and the chosen theme is announced in December. Nonprofits who have a project or program that fits the theme are then invited to apply for grants

Explore current grants that our members chose to support based on this year's theme or take a look at past grantees

Past grant themes

Annual themes have been:

  • 2018: "Reconnecting Memphis: programs that bridge and celebrate our communities."

  • 2017: "Foundations for the Future: programs that will help youth meet their potential."

  • 2016: "Memphis 2020: programs that will have a tangible impact on Memphis in the next five years."

  • 2015: "And now for something completely different" - small grants to support new projects or programs that add value to the community and have a likelihood of success.

  • 2014: "Collaboration for Change" - partnerships that support creative problem-solving in the community.

  • 2013: "Home is Where the Heart Is" - projects to make Memphis neighborhoods more vibrant, livable, and secure. 

  • 2012: "Eyes on the Prize" - organizations helping students graduate from high school or college

  • 2011: "Fishing Lessons" - based on the adage: Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

  • 2010: "Fostering Community in Memphis"