The 2018 GiVE 365 grant theme is Reconnecting Memphis. Grants will support projects or programs that bridge and celebrate the unique faces, neighborhoods, and communities in Memphis. Twelve nonprofits will compete for $57,000 in grant funding. 

Each of the finalists for the annual grant making round will present their projects at the Finals on April 17. GiVErs are invited to watch those 3-minute presentations in person at Visible Music College, remotely on Facebook Live, or later, on YouTube. GiVErs are then asked to submit top 5 choices using a voting link sent after the Finals on April 17.

We will announce the grantees in May at the Community Foundation's Annual Meeting, and you'll get to see a year's worth of impact and progress. We'll keep you updated on the status of the grants, invite you to engaging events with featured grantees, and give you other opportunities to have fun with fellow GiVErs.

2018 Finalists

1. A Step Ahead Foundation
Amount requested: $3,100
Youth Council -  The Step Ahead Youth Council strives to involve the voices of diverse young leaders in the work of A Step Ahead Foundation (ASAF). A group of talented and diverse Memphis-area teenagers come together to discuss key issues in teen health in Memphis, provide input on teen-focused programming at A Step Ahead Foundation, and participate in development of innovative strategies and resources to encourage communication between parents and their teenagers regarding reproductive health. Read application

2. Bethany Christian Services 
Amount requested: $10,000
Safe Families for Children - Bethany Christian Services has a heart for children and we equip families in Memphis to be the answer for children in need. Pressing social and economic conditions put children at risk of abuse and neglect. Safe Families for Children (SFFC) hosts vulnerable children and creates extended family-like supports for desperate families through a community of devoted volunteers who are motivated by compassion to proactively keep children safe and ultimately with their families. Read application

3. Binghampton Development Corporation 
Amount requested: $10,000
Kaleidoscope Kitchen - Kaleidoscope Kitchen, a program of Binghampton Development Corporation (BDC), prepares minority entrepreneurs for sustainable careers in food service. We equip participants with technical skills and business training, provide low priced rental of a licensed kitchen, and connect participants with opportunities in food service. Kaleidoscope strives for a community that comes together regardless of race, ethnicity, and religion to celebrate identity and diversity through food and storytelling. Read application

Amount requested: $4,800
Bridge Builders Interfaith Action Program - Identifying with a faith tradition is something that almost every Memphian can relate to. This program capitalizes on this powerful characteristic to launch a city-wide effort to bridge our diverse communities. BRIDGES will bring the Bridge Builder  curriculum and experience to the wide array of religious congregations in Memphis with youth and adult members of different faith communities for interfaith dialogue and a community action project.  Read application 

5. Circuit Playhouse 
Amount requested: $5,000
Q&A Queer Youth Theatre - Q&A is an LGBTQ and Allied Youth Theatre troupe. Troupe members use theatre to explore and express what life is like as an LGBTQ or Allied teen in Memphis and the surrounding area. Participation is open to students ages 14 to 21, and no prior theatrical experience is necessary. Read application

6. Levitt Shell
Amount requested: $10,000
Levitt Shell's 50 Free Concerts Series The Levitt Shell's Memphis Music Series features 10 free concerts of local and regional performers that reflect the soul and identity of Memphis. This project brings diverse communities of people together, using unique cultural experiences to create a safe, family-friendly public space for forging new and stronger community connections. Read application

7. One Step Initiative 
Amount requested: $5,000
Global Pathways to Success - One Step Initiative works to expose underrepresented youth ages 15-18 to the benefits of international education through the Global Pathways to Success (GPS) Youth Global Ambassador Program. In GPS, students learn cultural differences that make Memphians unique, obtain professional development and educational tools from community leaders, and are guided on the importance of community and global citizenship to make Memphis a better place to live and thrive for future generations. Read application

8. Opera Memphis 
Amount requested: $10,000
The McCleave Project - In 1924 Florence McCleave became the first black woman to sing at a major opera house in Europe. Back in the US she had few options in opera but had an illustrious career as a teacher, based in Memphis. The McCleave Project seeks to Reconnect Memphis through a collection of initiatives aimed at opening up new avenues of engagement with people of color. In doing this, we can celebrate the history of black opera in Memphis while building a more equitable future for the art. Read application

9. Playback Memphis 
Amount requested: $10,000
Performing the Peace - Performing the Peace is a program of Playback Memphis that helps to bridge the divide between communities and police. With funding from Give365, we will use the unique art form of Playback Theatre to break down barriers of distrust among police officers and ex-offenders through this innovative program. And, we will celebrate whats possible for community-police relations in a special public performance featuring stories of hope and transformation from our Performing the Peace participants. Read application

10. Southern College of Optometry
Amount requested: $5,000
Connecting Recovering Addicts with Student Eye Doctors for Shared Success - The program unites two groups who are otherwise unlikely to interact: SCO students and patients in addiction treatment programs. The program gives eye care to support recovery and success in life, while giving future eye doctors perspective on the journey of addiction and recovery and making them better caregivers. The programs benefits are mutual and reciprocal: patients gain eye care, as well as respect and confidence, while students gain compassion for people who seem different from them. Read application

11. South Memphis Shalom Zone (fiscally sponsored by Center for Transforming Communities)
Amount requested: $4,650
Can Do University - Can Do University will provide a space for community members to build inter-generational relationships while learning to appreciate their neighbors gifts and skills.  The participants will learn trade skills from local neighbors that can be used in everyday life and help to improve their community. Read application

12. Us Making It Happen Shalom Zone (fiscally sponsored by Center for Transforming Communities) 
Amount requested: $7,200
Bridging the Intergeneration Gap between Youth and Seniors - Building an intergenerational bridge for seniors and youth is an initiative that will work to empower and unite seniors and young people in Southeast Memphis and help them to develop an appreciation for each other that promotes greater social interactions, eradication of negative stereotypes, and creation of forums to share and listen, resulting in a better quality of life and sense of community. Read application 

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