For grantees

Grantees, help us tell your story!

If your organization was recently awarded a GiVE 365 grant:

  • Invite us to see your grant in action. 
    Do you have an idea for a fun, engaging way our members can learn more about your organization? Is there a compelling time during the grant term or in your organization's programming that would be great for our members to see? Let us know!

  • Keep tweeting and posting away. 
    We follow all our grantees on Facebook and Twitter. If you have a newsletter or other similar forms of communication, please add us to your mailing list. Keep sharing out your upcoming events, volunteer needs, and donation needs so we can amplify it to our audience when it makes sense. 

  • Use our grant reports as an additional communication tool. 
    When it is time to complete your three, six, and twelve-month grant reports, remember that we are using this information to update our members about the progress of your grant. The more you include photos, videos, news spots, or data that illustrate your impact, the better we can tell your story. Submit your updates via the Grant portal or by clicking on ‘Grant Login’ in the top right corner of the page. 


Contact Elizabeth Warren, Director of Grants & Initiative, at ewarren [at] cfgm [dot] org or (901) 722-0022.