FAQs for grantseekers

What is the GiVE 365 grant application process?

In December, the theme for the year's grant making is announced. The application will be available online  via the Grants portal, and there will be optional information sessions. If your organization is eligible and has a project or program that fits the theme, you can submit an application. GiVE 365 grant review team members will review all applications and narrow down the applicant pool to a group of finalists. The finalists will present short three-minute “pitches” to the members at an evening event in April. Members will then vote online, and grants are announced in early May prior to the Community Foundation's Annual Meeting. Please click here to see important dates & deadlines. 

Does my organization need a WHEREtoGIVEmidsouth profile to apply for a grant?

Yes, all applicants or fiscal agents of applicants MUST maintain a published, reviewed WHEREtoGIVEmidsouth.org profile in order to meet the eligibility criteria for applicants.* If your nonprofit has not yet developed a profile, please visit the page linked above to create an account and begin the process.

*If you believe your organization or fiscal agent is exempt, please contact Olivia Wilmot at owilmot [at] cfgm [dot] org or (901) 722-0028. 

Are GiVE 365 grants only made in Memphis?

So far, all grants have gone to nonprofits within Memphis city limits. However, as our membership expands, we expect to make some grants beyond Shelby County, provided the need is sufficiently compelling. Applicants in Tennessee west of the Tennessee River; in Crittenden County, Arkansas; and in northwest Mississippi are welcome to apply, understanding that the membership base is currently heavily concentrated in Shelby County.

Is my organization eligible for a grant if we use a fiscal agent?

Yes, GiVE 365 applicants may use a fiscal agent. An MOU (memorandum of understanding) must be submitted with the application, signed by both the CEO and board chair of the 501(c)3 acting as fiscal agent. The fiscal agent must have a WHEREtoGIVEmidsouth.org profile. Contact Elizabeth Warren at (901) 722-0022 or ewarren [at] cfgm [dot] org if you plan to use a fiscal agent.

Does GiVE 365 give grants for operating support?

Yes. While many of the GiVE 365 grants have been for specific projects, if you think your organization’s work fits the theme well enough, you can make an argument for operating support in your application. 

How much grant funding should we request?

GiVE 365 grants have typically ranged from $1,500 to $10,000.  However, applicants may ask for more. The total amount available to grant out varies year to year, depending on membership levels. In the past, members have chosen to make grants to multiple organizations, rather than one or two larger grants to a few organizations. 

Do GiVE 365 grants require matching funds?

No, matching is not required for GiVE 365.

Can my organization submit more than one application for different projects?

No, you may only submit one GiVE 365 grant request in a given cycle.

I'm a GiVE 365 member, but I work for a nonprofit that wants to submit an application. Is that a conflict of interest?

Many of our members are already involved in Memphis nonprofits, either through work, boards, volunteering, or general support. This is unavoidable when dealing with philanthropists who are trying to improve the community. We only request that members who might have significant conflicts of interest refrain from reviewing applications as part of the grant review teams. Once the team has narrowed the applicants down to the finalists, it is reasonable and expected that you will vote for your organization. 

My organization received a GiVE 365 grant in a past cycle. Can we apply again?

Yes, organizations may apply again if they have projects that are appropriate to another year's theme.

My organization currently has a Capacity Building grant from the Community Foundation. Can we still apply for GiVE 365?

Yes, the two programs are not related. Likewise, GiVE 365 grant recipients may apply for Capacity Building grants if they fit the eligibility criteria. 

What are my organization's obligations if awarded a grant?

Three brief reports and digital photos or videos we can share with members are required. In order to allow members to become more involved with your organization and give your work more exposure, we appreciate opportunities to volunteer, visit, or learn more about what you do. We understand these opportunities vary from project to project depending on the nature of your work. 

I still have some questions about GiVE 365. Who do I contact?

Email(ewarren [at] cfgm [dot] org) Elizabeth Warren, Director of Grants & Initiatives for the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis, or call her at (901) 722-0022.