A-Team Voting

The GiVE 365 Advisory Team (or A-Team) works in tandem with the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis staff and has two specific roles:

  1. To provide direction and guidance to staff in relation to the ongoing programmatic needs and growth of GiVE 365;
  2. To advocate to the Foundation staff on behalf of the GiVE 365 membership.

The A-Team is elected once a year, with a Chair nominated by Community Foundation staff. The A-Team consists of eight to fifteen GiVE 365 members, either self-nominated or nominated by current members. A-Team members commit to serve for one calendar year, and may serve a maximum of three years. A full job description can be found here.

Nominate & vote on the A-Team

To nominate yourself or other GiVE 365 members for the Advisory Team, you can submit names via an online survey during the month of October. To vote on the A-Team slate, GiVErs will have an opportunity to do so via an online survey during the month of November. 

Note: Participation is open only to current GiVE 365 members; members will receive a survey link in the monthly eNews in order to participate. Please e-mail Elizabeth Warren(ewarren [at] cfgm [dot] org), Director of Grants & Initiatives, for any questions.