Advisory Team Advisory Team

While the Community Foundation maintains fiscal oversight of GiVE 365, the A-Team provides staff with direction and guidance in relation to the ongoing programmatic needs and growth of GiVE 365 and advocates on behalf of the GiVE 365 membership. 

The A-Team consists of members who are elected by the GiVE 365 membership once a year, with a Chair nominated by Community Foundation staff every two years. New A-Team members are either self-nominated or nominated by other members. Learn more.

2022 Advisory Team

Serrie Fung, Chair
Samantha Albert
Renee Bailey
Alex Willis Boddie
Kerri Campbell
Ravi Chauvan
Teresa Leary Handy
Peter Kauffmann
Natasha Mayton
Jennifer McGrath
Brooke Ward Mills
Emmanuel Spence
Allison Vance