An important aspect of GiVE 365 is that half of all money contributed by members goes into an endowment. An endowment is a way of investing that ensures a permanent source of funds for GiVE 365. In just five years, members have grown the GiVE 365 endowment to just over $520,000.

The principal of the endowment fund is never spent, and it can grow over time to generate an increasing stream of funding devoted to fulfilling the mission of GiVE 365. Earnings are used to make grants that meet community needs. Your gift—and all future income from your gift—is a permanent source of community funding that makes good works possible, forever.

The GiVE 365 endowment, which began with $54,750 in 2010, has the potential to grow to $1,103,589 in 2025.

*  Assumes 300 GiVE 365 members paying $365 annually, with half of that going to the endowment each year (and the balance going to that year's GiVE 365 grant pool).  Further assumes an 8% return on invested funds and a 5% annual payout to the GiVE 365 grant pool.