You can do a lot with $1.

GiVE 365 is a dollar-a-day giving circle that lets members pool their money and make a positive impact on our community through grants to nonprofits.

Formed in 2010, GiVE 365 was created by a group of community leaders and the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis to encourage philanthropy in a new group of donors. Since its inception, GiVE 365 has grown to more than 240 member households and has provided $558,590 in grants to local community groups and initiatives. In addition to the grant pool, GiVE 365 has grown its endowment to just over $600,000 in its first eight years of operation. 

Our mission

GiVE 365 unites and informs emerging philanthropists to make a collective impact on Greater Memphis. 

Watch this quick video to learn some of the reasons why our members give: 

Our values

GiVE 365 advances the well-being of the Greater Memphis area by:

  • Equipping members with experiences and knowledge for making meaningful contributions to the community;

  • Exposing members to a diverse range of social issues and to the community-based efforts working to address them;

  • Supporting a wide range of nonprofit and community based projects in the Greater Memphis area;

  • Leveraging financial, social, and human capital for collective philanthropic impact; and

  • Building and growing a fellowship of informed and engaged donors. 

Click here to view the GiVE 365 Operations Plan.